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OSX package is now available

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

If you want to run StupidZombie in OSX now you can have a native installer. Just download this file and install.

StupidZombie is now on Kenai.com!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Yep, I finished reimporting the source code into Kenai.com. One thing I never liked about Java.net is that they gave you probably too many artifacts on your initial project, plus a layout specifically tailored for NetBeans (I use Eclipse). So for all of you who say, show me the code, here is the URL in subversion.

Right now the only way to run StupidZombie is through webstart. I haven’t uploaded the latest changes into the website but once I get the Icons and the Spanish support done I will update the code so you can have fun. If you’re curious, here is the list of things that need to be done to make 1.0 a reality.

Matching colors on the Java GUI

Friday, May 29th, 2009

OK, so no synth for now as I don’t really feel the need (yet) to create a full fledged theme for the GUI. However, will try to match as best as possible the official colors of the website and logo, and it seems than the easiest way is to use the UIDefault class:

	public static final Color ZOMBIE_SKIN = new Color(140, 198, 63);
	public static final Color ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED = new Color(201,229,164);
	public static final Color ZOMBIE_UNIFORM = new Color(152, 84, 157);
	public static final Color ZOMBIE_TRIM = new Color(255,255,102);
	static {

		log = Logger.getLogger(ZombieSkinChanger.class.getName());
		BUNDLE = ResourceBundle.getBundle(ZombieSkinChanger.class.getName());
		// Specific properties for OS X look and feel
		if (System.getProperty("os.name").equals("Mac OS X")) {
			System.setProperty("apple.awt.showGrowBox", "true");
			System.setProperty("apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar", "true");
			System.setProperty("com.apple.mrj.application.apple.menu.about.name", StupidZombieGui.class.getSimpleName());
			System.setProperty("com.apple.mrj.application.growbox.intrudes", "true");
			System.setProperty("apple.awt.brushMetalLook", "false");

		Object newSettings[] = {
				"Button.background", ZOMBIE_UNIFORM,
				"TableHeader.background", ZOMBIE_UNIFORM,
				"TableHeader.foreground", ZOMBIE_TRIM,
				"Table.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"ScrollPane.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"Panel.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"SplitPane.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"OptionPane.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"TextArea.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"TextField.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"EditorPane.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"ViewPort.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"TabbedPane.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN,
				"CheckBox.background", ZOMBIE_UNIFORM,
				"CheckBoxMenuItem.background", ZOMBIE_UNIFORM,
				"Menu.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"MenuItem.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
				"MenuBar.background", ZOMBIE_SKIN_LIGHTED,
		UIDefaults defaults = UIManager.getDefaults();


So here is how the GUI looks with the default values on OSX:


Not bad, but kind of boring.

And this is how it looks after I apply the UIDefaults:

StupidZombie GUI - Color schema UIDelegate #2

Another look at the tables:

StupidZombie GUI - Color schema UIDelegate #1

It is not exactly the colors of the website, so I tried to create a little bit of contrast by lightening up the original values (I used a really cool online tool).

So, what is next? Well, lots of stuff ahead:

  • I plan to add new icons to the GUI (Romney is working on that),
  • fix minor issues on the website
  • fix the blog template
  • Enable support for Spanish (ya me he tardado demasiado)
  • Migrate the project from Java.net to Kenai.com

Several of this items will get sorted out over the weekend, so stay tunned. Official 1.0 release is comming fast!

First release of the StupidZombie website

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Still has several bugs, but other issues were fixed. Either way is finally installed: http://stupidzombie.com

The blog theme will get a makeover soon too. Also there is some integration work for the GUI (colors and theme).

Beta of stupidzombie website is available now!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

OK undead minions, is time to kick the tires of the website. The URL (for now, before we move it to the stupidzombie.com domain) is here.

Again, I will quote Romney on what kind of work he did for the website:

Hi Everyone,

How are you doing? I’d like you to meet Blockhead.

If you have a moment please check out the site that I am building for StupidZombie.com

This was a recent final project for my web design class that I had the great opportunity to work with a real client on. Its still little rough to go “live” yet. I need to get with the owner of StupidZombie about integrating my design with his blog page and a few of the other database links I don’t have access to.

I did do all the branding for StupidZombie myself, including their new mascot, “Blockhead,” based on what the client wanted and competitive analysis of the market. This branding was very much liked and approved by the owner of StupidZombie. You can see his current page here.

I’d appreciate any and all feedback. Especially any compatibility issues you may have with your browser of choice. Also if you can check it out before Thursday I’d appreciate it as part of my last lab is to do a tracking analysis on the traffic to the site.

Thank you from me and Blockhead.


Great work from Romney. Please visit it and make sure you leave your comments. Tell us what you like, what you don’t and how it can be improved.