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I’ts been a loong time

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

I closed StupidZombie one year ago. A lot of things have changed since a lot since then:

  • I have a precious daughter and my older son is 6. Time travels fast..
  • Sun Microsystems is no more, Oracle took over. In the process they killed Kenai.com
  • JavaFX is now an API and not a separate language. That makes it easy to integrate with Java. Oh, and Swing is officially deprecated now.
  • I weight 35 pounds less and have finished 3 half marathons since then. Also just 11 weeks away from my first marathon
  • Several supported sites doesn’t exist anymore: VeneBlogs.com, To2Blogs.com. R.I.P

StupidZombie was my excuse to learn new technologies and put them to use; It served its purpose and now I feel it is time to pick it up and try new things, using it as a base to learn new things.

Some of the technologies / tools that I want to try now:

* Git (Yes, move over Subversion)
* Graddle (Yes, move over Maven)
* JavaFX (Yes, move over Swing)

So that’s it for now. Expect next post to have more substance.